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Trading From $2,000 to $9,197 in 18 days

We’ve created a Binance test account with $2000 in early January to demonstrate how much you can earn using the indicator for small deposits.

We invested about 15-25% of the deposit in each signal, with 20x leverage.

We managed to increase the deposit 4.5x times in 18 days, having received $7197 of net profit!

Deposit as of January 1, 2021: 2000$ Deposit as of January 18, 2021: 9197$
$1,000 on day 1 $18,624 on day 14!

Long story short, we deposited $1000 on our test account on February 2. We invested about 15-25% of the deposit in each signal, with 20x leverage. We used only signals with good dynamics and high accuracy – over 86-88%.

We managed to increase the deposit 18.6x times in 14 days, having earned $18624 in net profit! We aren’t kidding, check out the trade history in our video. Results don’t lie.

This experiment has demonstrated and proved once again that the indicator is a powerful tool in the hands of a trader. If you follow our advice and recommendations that we provide after the purchase, you can earn stunning profits like we made!

Account stats
Total Profit
Total Loss
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Winning Days
14 Days
Losing Days
1 Days
Breakeven Days
0 Days
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Profit/Loss Ratio

It’s been a week since we demonstrated how we earned $18624 in net profit in just 2 weeks with the starting capital of $1000.

The next week has not passed in vain, and our net profit has already increased 33x times since the start
of the experiment!

As such, the profit totaled +$33053 in 3 weeks: from February 2 to February 23.

Earlier this year, we have repeatedly demonstrated how much profit can be made using the indicator for active intraday trading. This time the strategy was passive – and lazier:

  • Medium-term trading. For all 3 weeks, only about 10 positions were opened.

  • Despite the falling market, we tried to take only Long positions

  • We entered the signals sent by the indicator, which have a high accuracy of 85%+, and good dynamics over the last 15 signals.

  • As soon as the profit reached the target 3-5, we moved the stop-loss above the entry, thereby guaranteeing a profit, even if the market collapses.

  • As the profit grew, the stop-loss moved higher and higher

  • If the market overheated, we closed all positions together.

  • Sometimes it made sense to wait for a small correction within the signal and only then enter the position.

The main attention to the position is required in the first hours after its opening, then when the profit exceeds the 3-4 target, everything is simple – move the stop and secure profit.

All these actions required a total of no more than 30 minutes per day.

Account stats
Initial deposit on July 12
Deposit as of August 5
Net profit
Account stats
Deposit on July 12
Deposit on August 23
Net profit
FROM $25K to $116,829 in 40 days

Recently, we demonstrated how we made $36538 of net profit for 1 month using the indicator. 10 days have passed since that moment. How much do you think our balance has changed in these 10 days?

Changed by +$1000? No. Changed by $5,000? No. By +$55291!

This is not a typo, check out the video. Since July 12, our final net profit has already reached +$91829!

Use the right tools in trading, and your deposit
will grow exponentially!

to +$129K in 60 days

It has been 2 months since the beginning of our experiment

Thus, once again we have proved that by trading with the indicator and following all our tips and recommendations that we give out after the purchase, and even giving half an hour a day, you can make stunning profits.

Account stats
Deposit on July 12
Deposit on Septembe 12
Net profit
Account stats
Deposit on July 12
Deposit on October 7
Net profit
to +$200K in 90 days

As you remember, we started this experiment back in July, and a month later our deposit increased by 110%.
Then, after another 1 week, it increased by 143%. Then, after 10 days by 355%. And after 2 months, the gain was already 489%.

Another month has passed, and voila!
ROI is already 748%

Absolutely all trades were made according to the signals of the indicator. A detailed strategy was described in this post.

Conclusion: it is absolutely possible to make stunning profits consistently over a long period of time. And no matter whether the market was bullish or bearish, the increase in profits, as you can see, has remained stable.

If others can do it so can you!

Just like us, thousands of members are earning consistent profits.
bull or bear, active or passive.
Predictūm Academy can help you become a successful trader.