Predictūm Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Predictum Academy?

Predictum Academy is the most advanced crypto trading indicator/bot that is available in the market.

How to Start?

After purchaisng one of our plans, you will need to register your Telegram ID & Trading View ID on our website so we can add you to our private groups and schedule a 1 on 1 private session to help you throw your first steps to becoming a profitable crypto trader.

How long have you been running this service?

We started our services in April, 2020.

Is there a free trail?

No, we do not offer free trails, but if your having a hard time buying a subscription plan, you can access our free channels and take the free trades we share on a daily basis.

Will I be charged automatically?

No, after paying for one of the subscription plans. You will have a timer countdown with your end date for the subscription you selected, once that ends you will have the option to renew it on the website or with one of our support agents.

Why should I join?

Statistically 90-95 % of traders lose money in the markets. For that reason we have build this services to help the new generation of traders to become consistently profitable in the cryptocurrency markets and changing the industry so everyone can participate.

Do you only sell signals?

No, it is a combined plan TradingView Indicator, Telegram Bot Signals, 1on1 Private Session, Support, The Plus Plans will have AutoTrader added.

What payment methods are available?

We accept crypto payments with Binance pay merchant: BTC, ETH, USDT, is available

I paid for a subscription plan when will my subscription start?

As soon as we get your order please allow us 6-12 hours to add you to our private groups and book a 1 on 1 private session.

How many trading pairs do you have?

We currently have 30 trading pairs that you can use with our indicator/bot we are always updating new pairs, and on the look out for new strategies in every upgrade, watch for new announcements.

We recommend to start anywhere from 2500 to 5000$ (USDT), starting out and make considerable profits and to sustain the recurrent monthly fee of our services

Which exchange can I use for trading?

Recommended exchanges for crypto are : Binance, Bybit, Bitstamp etc. there are other regulated exchanges you can use if you feel more secure. overall you just need to check your broker if they offer crypto trading which 90% of them do.

How many subscriptions can I have?

You can have 1 subscription per person/client.

Do you offer automatic trading EA/Bot?

Yes we do offer automatic trading EA/BOT.

How much ROI can I expect to get on my Initial Investment in one month?

It depends on the markets but in most months with low risk, you can achieve 10 - 20% ROI just by trading 1-2 hours a day check our results page.

What am I not allowed to do?

You are not allowed to abuse / forward / or do any malicous acts from your side, that is strictly not allowed in our rules and guidlines, if we catch you we will terminate your subscription with out the possibilty of a refund.

Are you looking to collaborate?

Yes, please send us an email regarding the collaboration, we are always looking to expand and become better everyday.


Will my API Keys be shared with someone else?

No, Your API Keys are safe with you since this is a private account per user.

Can you withdraw my funds through my API keys?

No, We only require you to enable "Future Trading" In the Binance API Management Section.

Are my API Keys secure?

Yes, your API keys are encrypted and secured in the cloud.

How do I get my API Keys?

1) Go to Binance API Management.
2) Create an API Key.
3) Click on Enable Futures Option

How to add your API Keys?

1) Go to Keys.
2) Click on "Add/ View Keys"
3) Enter your Keys from Binance.

What does each option on the dashboard mean?

Initial Investment: Represents starting value for each trade, which is calculated in percentage. 

Take Profit and Stop Loss: Represent the percentage for Take Profit and Stop Loss.

Leverage represents: Leverage that will be taken for a specific trade, e.g. 10 will represent 10x leverage on Binance.

Trade Type: Gives you the option to take only Long or Short Both types of trades.

Leverage Type: Allows for the selection of either Cross or Isolated trading options.

Can I take manual trades with bot enabled?

Yes, after taking the manual trade, you only need to place the main order, once this manual order is filled, bot will take over and place Take Profit and Stop Loss for the Manual Order. However we do not recommened doing Manual Futures Trading , if the bot is enabled.

How do I turn off the bot?

You can turn off the bot from the Home Page (Dashboard) On/Off

What happens after I turn off the bot?

No new trades will be taken by the bot, but the old pending trades will still be processed as usual.

Can I cancel a trade manually?

Yes, you can cancel a trade manually, besure to cancel the Take Profit and Stop Loss orders in your open orders as well, if they are created.

How do you recommened taking manual trades?

We do not recommened to take manual trades when the bot is enabled and taking positions, However taking manual trades is still possible but once an order is filled, the bot will take over that position and will place the necessary orders for you. (stop loss and take profit set by the bots dashboard.

What exchanges does the auto trader support?

Currently, we have the support for Binance and ByBit but more exchanges are going to be added soon.

Binance Pay

What is Binance Pay?

Binance Pay is a contactless, borderless, and secure cryptocurrency payment technology designed by Binance. Binance Pay allows you to pay and get paid in crypto from your friends and family worldwide with 0 fees.

How do I pay with Binance Pay?

  1. Register an account with Binance
  2. Fund your account
  3. Complete your checkout

Can I buy cryptocurreny on Binance?

Yes you can purchase with your bank card or with a bank transfer.

Is Binance Pay trusthworthy?

Binance is the most trusthworthy and reliable crypto exchange in the industry.

If I want to Pay but from a diffrent exchange besides Binance and Binance Pay?

Currently we are working only with Binance and Binance Pay as our main payment provider , In any case you are not using Binance or Binance Pay please contact our support and we will sort your subscription plan as soon as possible.

Referral Program

                                                                       Introducing Predictūm Rewards – Our Referral Program 

No trading skills or deposit size required – start earning rewards now!

Refer customers and start earning:
➊ Pioneer (0 referred customers): Earn 5% of the customer’s payment amount.
➋ Influencer (1-5 referred customers): Earn 7% of the customer’s payment amount.
➌ Ambassador (6-10 referred customers): Earn 10% of the customer’s payment amount.
➍ Mastermind (11+ referred customers): Earn a generous 15% of the customer’s payment amount.

Balance points will be awarded once the 7-day refund policy period has expired from the date of the referred user’s direct payment!
Balance points can be withdrawn via email request to
(Available if appears in your account balance) Please ensure the request is sent from a registered mailbox in our system.
Balance points are in USDT TRC-20.