Predictūm Academy

About Us

Automate Your Crypto Trades with a Simple Yet Powerful Trading Bot!

Crypto Trading Made Easier For Everyone!

The crypto geniuses at Predictum Academy have developed a one-of-a-kind trading bot that protects your hard-earned investment from plunging into deep waters due to the extreme volatility associated with the cryptocurrency markets.

Our goal is to allow anyone willing to enter the crypto industry to invest confidently with us – without worrying about investment going TO ZERO or blowing your accounts!

Our Story

Predictum Academy’s trading bot has been launched by cryptocurrency masterminds – individuals affiliated with the industry for almost six years now.
We faced numerous roadblocks on our journey, but our dedication to exploring the crypto industry was our motivation to wake up and try harder than yesterday.

We found out that manual trades, fibo levels, trend lines old ways of anaylzing the markets, especially in cryptocurrency, are time-consuming. Plus, it’s humanely not possible to monitor the market 24/7.

Therefore, we created a seamless and error-free cryptocurrency trading bot – one that promises exceptional use cases and lets you control investment even while you sleep.
And no, you don’t need to be an expert in probability, statistics, and programming languages to operate the trading bot.
Everything is built-in. Set your parameters, and BOOM: you’ve automated your crypto trades.

Plug and play bigger: it’s that simple!

Our Mission

Our team at Predictum Academy is motivated by one simple mission: to enable people to make consistent income in the massive growing world of cryptocurrency.

How do we intend to achieve that?

Through our innovative crypto trading bot – one that can even beat the markets and make lucrative gains in your account.

Set up your trading preferences and leave it all to our trading bot – a solution promising reasonable gains on your investment don’t belive us check the results page.

Let’s Do This!

Sure, cryptocurrency lingo is difficult to crack. But our trading bot helps even the non-tech geek trader to make crypto gains like a pro!