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The Holy Grail Of Predictūm Academy


All you need to know about the signal’s format

Get ready for long or Get ready for short – getting you ready before a live position is sent

  • Long or Short is when you enter the trade, Take profits, Stop loss, Recommended Leverage, Position size.
  • High accuracy – the last 20-30 trades that were taken by our indicator & bot and what to expect in future trades.
  • Excellent dynamics – the dynamics and a success percentage rate for the trades taken previously on the same trading pair.
  • Average true range (ATR) is a volatility indicator that shows how much % an asset moves on average over a certain period of time. How to read ATR values: Low value – low volatility, false breakouts occur more often. High value – high volatility, false breakouts are less frequent. It is better to increase the stop loss slightly.
  • Abnormal candles detected — Risk of a pullback
  • Add more at theses levels (high risk)adding more positions buy/sell limits to your current live position if in any case the position pullbacks you will have the option to average your entries and get a better entry point for the same trade.

Note: That each and every pair from the signals format changes the percentage changes, with the statistics for accuracy & dynamics, you will need to find the best and the highest probability trades.

Open your desired pair on trading-view before you take the trade there are more than 250 to 320 signals sent in a month and from our track record and past data 85% will be successful minimum reaching take profit 4.

We do not recommend to enter trades with poor dynamics & accuracy!

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